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Just joined list and haven't taken the time to read the archives yet, 
so maybe this is a silly post, but I thought it worth putting out 
there that I will be teaching an Introduction to Programming for 
non-computer science majors at Wesleyan University this fall, having 
just taken a position there as a visiting professor.  I've convinced 
the other Computer Science faculty involved to abandon their attempts 
to make this course work with C++ and Java and to use Python instead.

LB: I applaud your efforts. I teach at Durham College,
LB: and I went through the process of convincing my colleagues that Python
LB: an interesting and viable alternative to the "production" languages like
LB: C++, Java and Visual Basic for the Intro to Programming course. There's 
LB: still a few potshots in the night but otherwise the furore has settled
down :)

I plan to use the textbook Learn to Program Using Python 
LB: Please read this book carefully first. I used it last year and the
LB: feedback I got is that it doesn't go into detail into some important
LB: concepts. Also, there are few examples and no exercises, so you have
LB: to supply a lot of the material yourself. Don't get me wrong, I
LB: found it interesting, but (as the subtitle suggests) it's meant for 
LB: self-starters and hobbyists who learn by tinkering. I found it
LB: for a first course with a fixed timeline and the dreaded final exam at 
LB: the end of the term.

with the Python Essential Reference 
as an optional resource.  I'll also point students to the online book 
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist : Learning with Python 
LB: I'm going to try ThinkCSpy this year, and I endorse Beazley's Reference
LB: as an essential resource (my copy is under my pillow at night).
LB: Good luck with the course!