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This is a nice link and the survey is interesting. Thank you.

There is much to think about.  I notice that the request is to have comments
by July 26 and I suspect that later comments might be welcome.

I want to point out one important factor.  The point of using at least two
languages and illustrating three different paradigms that way is an
important one.  They are not interested in using one language for covering a
broader landscape.  It has to do with preparing students for shifting their
abstractions and not being too immersed in a single syntactical-semantical
model.  One could object to this.  I think it is a healthy thing, especially
if they can manage it well and not inject confusion into the experience of
secondary school students.

I would say a key is that other paradigms not be just talked about (they
propose two hands-on projects) but be experienced.  Also, in the material on
computer organization and principles there is treatment of the ways
programming systems map their entities onto the underlying computer
architecture and processing model.  It will be interesting to see how the
issues of representation by computer are approached and any tools for
illustrating that are employed.

The biggest challenge, it seems to me, is that teachers be equipped to
deliver material at the level that is called for here.

Certainly a worthy topic for those interested in CP4E to explore ...

-- orcmid

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Dear collegues,

as I heard last week at the SEC III Conference
Open IFIP-GI-Conference on Social, Ethical and Cognitive Issues of
Informatics and ICT
  (Information and Communication Technologies)
  July 22-26, 2002
  University of Dortmund, Germany
  media education
  change management
  didactics of informatics

URL: http://seciii.cs.uni-dortmund.de/

in the talk of  Harriet G. Taylor
Abstract at:


THURSDAY, 25th July 2002

there seems to be a possible change in curricula in the US.
As she told one is able to send contributions to some commitee.
I think the most interesting point is, that  no longer a concret programming
language is mentioned and you may tell, there are more than
one paradigms, one can teach.
IMHO Python is a language, which can more or less deal with
all three paradigms, which should be taught ;-)

URLs can be found  inside the abstract

	Ludger Humbert

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