[Edu-sig] re: A bit o Python in Physics

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Wed Nov 26 12:36:09 EST 2003

> As someone who took a half-hearted stab - I can assure anyone that Blender
> is a bear to approach.  It is complicated and complex.  

Me too, took a stab at it, more than one.  It's quite complex.  Interesting
how all the controls are drawn right into the OpenGL canvas.

Blender is one of those technologies I'd have more success with were I to
sit in a room with a computer projector and watch an expert take me through

I pride myself on absorbing competence directly from documentation, but I'm
increasingly coming to realize that there's no substitute for these other
forms of presentation (which may be packaged on CD or DVD -- getting a real,
live human in real time is often just not in the cards).


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