[Edu-sig] re: PyCon 2004 Proposals for Presentations...

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Thu Oct 2 12:45:54 EDT 2003

Hi Jeff --

I'm really hoping to add a proposal soon.  I still have to see if calendar
(and finances) are clear for March 2004, but mostly I'm wanting to find out
if the Python course I'm teaching (starting tomorrow!) will provide real
world grist for the mill, i.e. the basis for what I would propose to present

A friend and homeschooling mom set this up among parents she knows, such
that about six middle-school aged students will supposedly show up at
FreeGeek tomorrow afternoon for their first 1.5 hours of orientation.  

I'm planning to head down early to see about the class config, which
involves diskless workstations hooked to a server running Debian stable.
Python is already installed -- I'm pushing to get 2.3 as an option, but
understand 2.2 will be available, which is fine (no sets module though -- I
wonder if it back ports :-D).

I know that classroom teaching of Linux is old hat to yourself and several
other subscribers to edu-sig, but I've mostly been the theorist until now,
talking up the "woulds and coulds."  Now I hope to have more "to dos and
dids" to share with this list.


PS:  my class start date was almost pushed back last Saturday, when super
high voltage lines fell off their towers and landed atop local delivery
lines, causing a voltage spike our little surge protectors were never built
to handle.  I'll let an email from a staffer tell the rest:


    Saturday we had quite an event here at FREEGEEK. An overloaded power
grid caused transformers to explode throughout the area. One of the
offending transformers exploded just a little too close for comfort,
adjacent to our fine building. The fire department was quick to arrive
on the scene to put out the towering inferno of a utility pole and
sidewalk, and thankfully, no one was hurt. With no power and a state
of bewilderment, we decided to close shop early. Subsequently our
internal network was down until today (Monday) and our connection to
the world beyond FREEGEEK was re-established around 3:30PM.
    We are back in action and will open as usual tomorrow (Tuesday).If you
were unable to send to any lists during this time, try again. The
lists are ready to hear from you (they got lonely).

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> Hi All,
> I just set up a Zwiki to help with planning for the Education Track at
> PyCon 2004:
> http://linus.yorktown.arlington.k12.va.us/PyCon2004/EduTrack/
> Please feel encouraged to add to it.  I'm still a relative Zwiki newbie,
> so any help in making it look nicer or work better would be *greatly*
> appreciated.  And the wonderful about wiki's is you don't even have to
> ask for permission, just do it!

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