[Edu-sig] Fw: [Visualpython-users] VPython and LiveZope

Mats Wichmann mats at laplaza.org
Sun Oct 5 12:55:51 EDT 2003

 >And there are some ISO images which contain very good starts on this.
 >Could you post URLs to some of the resources you've explored?  How does
 >one modify an ISO image to create a new bootable CD?

There's a page on this at the Knoppix site ("Remastering HOWTO").

I've played some with Knoppix, and I'm about to do a hands-on
tutorial using it (nothing to do with Python, I'm afraid).
The easiest way to clear space for adding new stuff - the
current distributions are pretty full - seems to be to remove
OpenOffice, which hasn't been needed by anything I want to do.

Also, an alternative to mounting a hard disk partition is
to use the ever more common USB-based memory devices.  This
makes for a nice solution for a one-off classroom setup,
where you can completely control what the students run,
and the underlying system is not modified in any way; yet
there's a way to save off key data.  Of course, if students
bring their own laptop they're free to mount the hard drive
and save stuff over there.

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