[Edu-sig] Fw: [Visualpython-users] VPython and LiveZope

Dethe Elza dethe.elza at blastradius.com
Mon Oct 6 15:34:16 EDT 2003

Arthur wrote:
> Python for the Fun of It
> and
> Python in Education
> are in my mind both worthwhile - but quite distinct - endeavors.
> Since I am actually quite serious about exploring this, I do need to 
> ask...
> Are we on the same page - to a reasonable extent?

To a reasonable extent.  I am not teaching python right now, but I 
would like to organize a school club or after-school activity for kids 
who are interested in learning more about computers.  I think that 
PyGame will be a big part of that.  My daughter is also getting to be 
old enough to try her hand at simple programming, so we are trying to 
design a game together.  Games tend to push the envelope of computing, 
especially for user interfaces, and nearly every aspect of computer 
science must be addressed in the context of a game, so they are great 
learning tools.  And there is nothing like games to hold attention or 
motivate kids.

All that said, I certainly understand the constraints that educators 
face working within the school system, and I don't envy them.

> Bruce Sherwood
>>> Your development may be very important, because many people have 
>>> wanted
>>> to be able to run VPython programs in a browser. Is that what you
>>> have achieved? Can this work in other browsers?
> chu-ching huang
>> I purpose to integrate the Vpython codes into Zope server but no 
>> achieved.
> Is chu-ching saying that he can web enable VPython by a patch to Zope?
> Me want!

I seriously doubt that this is what he is saying.  Embedding VPython 
into the Zope server could allow 3D visualization of server logs, but 
would have *no* effect on the browser.  OK, that's not entirely 
true--VPython can generate 2D snapshots and serve those over the 
server, or perhaps generate VRML renderings?  But embedding even a 
simple 3D rendering engine into a browser is an extremely hairy 
endeavor.  We are still a long way from useful 3D on the web.


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