[Edu-sig] How do we tell truths that might hurt

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Thu Apr 22 13:19:21 EDT 2004

> So, start with Python, keep things concrete as long as possible, use
> abstraction as it becomes necessary and useful, and let the students
> have fun. That's the road to universal computer literacy. Comments?
> --John

In my mind, the most concrete way to avoid abstraction (at least in some
sense of the word) and identify programming as it should be - as an
immensely adaptable tool, is to put it to work, out-of-the box, as a tool.

This class is not about programming, this class is about - physics. Oh, and
yes, we will be doing some programming.

This is *not* pie-in-the-sky. It's happening today. It can't not happen, it
makes so much sense.

So I should go relax, or go get some work done. Choose one.


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