[Edu-sig] Re: How do we tell truths that might hurt

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sat Apr 24 18:33:27 EDT 2004

> I wish I'd been taught Math better along with the rich opportunities
> programming provide now.
> But more than the math, I really wish we'd had a range of classes in
> *thinking*, play, experimentation, analysis, synthesis, algorithmic
> [logical
> process] expression, etc. You cam call it what you want

That's good. I'll; call it math and science.  All of it, if it descends from
process of putting programming to practical use, or to have fun with.

Mot casually though.



> are
> the same and programming applies at many levels. The modeling process of
> thinking and thus learning about processes is common to so much of life.
> Computer programming is a wonderful tool to develop these essential core
> intellectual skills.
> It's also a path to developing proficiency in programming itself which
> provides a delirious rich laboratory for mathematics.
> -- Jason
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