[Edu-sig] Learn to Program in Ten Years

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sun Dec 26 23:26:38 CET 2004

> The PyGTK thing just happens to be where things are leading me
> personally.  Its partly because VPython on Linux uses GTK and I would
> like to know it better for that reason.  And its partly because ubuntu
> has helped re-ignite a long dormant interest in Linux as a desktop
> working environment, and I see GTK/Gnome as the Big Pond in that
> respect.

> And you in particular will be happy to know that GTK2 *does* have a
> skins feature ;)

A closer look.

wxPython *is* using GTK on Linux.  So you can theme wxPython.  Relief ;)

I don't know what my issue here is really.  Maybe when I get into it
further I'll understand better why it is a good idea to have a layer
between, rather than dealing directly with GTK.  At one time, one answer
may have been crossplatform issues.  But it looks to me that GTK is
itself becoming crossplatform.  

There is native OSX support


And Windows


And the .Net framework


On the other hand the wxPython does look juicy - PyCrust itself looks
like its worth the price of admission. Its just seems so BIG, and beyond
the scope of any immediate needs I might have, other than as a runtime
for other folks cool stuff. 

But I am going to stop resisting, and explore it further.


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