[Edu-sig] re: promoting computer literacy through programming python

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Thu Jan 1 20:40:40 EST 2004

Kirby -

>So your point, if I may attempt a summary, was that it's somewhat
>misleading to confuse the difficulties of learning Python, with the
>requirements of hardware?  Programming is hard, but we can only blame so
>much on the transistors for these difficulties?

Help.  If anything the opposite. That the difficulties are inherent in
attempting to open up such communications. And should be accepted. And
discussion of going this way, or that way, on an issue like list indexes is
simply irrelevant to the heart of matters.  And is not a "Disadvantage of
Python", worthy of mention.  Despite that it might not be the first instinct
of how things should be to someone entering the arena.

"None potato, one potato,,,,"

But we are programming, not singing or counting.  Why should we not fully
expect and accept that things are different here. Viva la difference!!

>And I agree about pickled herring.

I happen to be a 'with cream sauce' kind of guy.


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