[Edu-sig] Morphix

Mats Wichmann mats at laplaza.org
Mon Jan 5 11:01:35 EST 2004

Art write:

 >Morphix is a Knoppix based distribution that is specifically designed for
 >easy reconfiguration to allow customized distribution.  For example, a
 >distribution highlighting Python related educational resources.
 >While it would quite swell to have a $2 mil budget to put something like
 >this together, a start might be reasonably made with a $0 budget.
 >I have a lot on my plate, and don't think this is something I will get very
 >far with - again, trying to be realistic - working on my own.
 >One alternative I can think of is to simply open a sourceforge project, make
 >a python-list announcement, and see if any community interest is generated.
 >Any thoughts, interest, words of encouragement?

Since it won't put much strain on the $0 budget, why
not just do it...

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