[Edu-sig] re: Morphix

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Mon Jan 5 20:24:57 EST 2004

Mats writes -

>>Any thoughts, interest, words of encouragement?

>Since it won't put much strain on the $0 budget, why
>not just do it...

I'll take that as a ringing endorsement of the idea ;)

Having had a few moments to look more closely at Morphix today, I see that
its seems to have made the creation of a custom livecd so brain dead simple
that I am tempted keep it under my hat.  And do something where I retain
editorial control.

"PyGeo and Friends" has a nice ring to it.

But more seriously, it seems that if one did something quite core - Numeric.
wxPython, pygame, and the like and made it available for people to continue
to Morph on from there for more specific purposes, it would be an approach
more in the spirit of what Morph is about. Rather than stuffing a
distribution full of stuff.  

I don't think I get excited real easily.  Knoppix was exciting enough, when
I found it. The Morph take-off on Knoppix is a knock-out.

I know how Jason feels when he finds the next Big Thing. This, to me, is the
next Big Thing.


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