[Edu-sig] HS Example problems

John Zelle john.zelle at wartburg.edu
Fri Jan 23 11:55:43 EST 2004

Jason  (and other Mac users),

I am very interested in helping folks get IDLE and my graphics package 
running on the Mac with minimal hassles. I have seen numerous references 
to the native Tcl/Tk and Python build under Aqua (rather than using 
XDarwin), but I have not found either:
1) A binary package made available by someone who has done this to make 
it easy for others to follow that route
2) Step-by-Step instructions for getting the build done right.

I have built Python many times on Linux systems, but I have no Mac 
experience. I do not even really know where to start. Do have pointers 
to some resources that would allow less Mac-proficient folks to get this 
done with a minimum of muss and fuss?

By the way, I have also seen some references indicating that the Tk-Aqua 
port may not yet be ready for primetime. Have you used your setup enough 
to know how stable it is?


Jason Cunliffe wrote:

>>I have IDLE running on my Macs. I first installed Tcl/TkAqua, then rebuilt
>Python from source using the MacOSX instructions to do a framework build.
>I installed IDLE the same way about 6 months ago on Mac OSX 10.2
>Was fairly painless.
>- jason
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