[Edu-sig] HS Example problems

Jason Cunliffe jason.cunliffe at verizon.net
Fri Jan 23 13:39:33 EST 2004

> By the way, I have also seen some references indicating that the Tk-Aqua
> port may not yet be ready for primetime. Have you used your setup enough
> to know how stable it is?

No Mac here these days, so I can't offer suitable hands-on advice with
I was lent a Mac G3 for 6 months last year. My first interest focused to
upgrading from 0S9, then explore OSX 10.2, and determine cross-platform
status of some of my favorite applications.

I successfully installed and ran three programs which all use Tk -- 
Python/IDLE, Leo and PD [Pure Data].
I did not run any of them extensively, so can't confirm how stable, but I do
not recall any problems. As best I remember, once Tk/Aqua was in place, the
other apps installed well.

PD [Pure Data]

- Jason

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