[Edu-sig] Possible Book

Joel Kahn jj2kk4 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 25 06:33:05 EDT 2004

A publisher named No Starch Press . . .


. . . has a call out for book proposals. No Starch
generally focuses on computer stuff--much of their
output is similar to O'Reilly, with whom they work in
some ways--but No Starch is not afraid to push the
boundaries of what constitutes a "technology book"
once in a while. Two examples: _Internet For Cats_ and
_The Spam Letters_.

I'm thinking about hitting No Starch with a book idea
aimed at spreading VPython to not-so-technical art
educators and similar folk. The project might work
better if I co-author the work with someone who can
fill in some gaps and supply more angles.

Before I say more about what I'm thinking of, I want
input from edu-sig members.


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