[Edu-sig] FW: Joint statement about debian edu participation from the GUADEC 2004

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Subject: Joint statement about debian edu participation from the GUADEC 2004

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Joint statement by debian edu and Skolelinux together with PSL-Brasil,
gnu/LinEx and other participiant from the GNOME community

In a meeting held tuesday 29 june 2004 we aggread to advance the
international cooperation of Free and Open Source Software in
education: through the sharing of architecture and applications.

The intention is to eliminate the duplication of work and to
facilitate communication of ideas between the participants.  In this
way we hope to improve the competence of our digital skills and to
ensure universal access to technology for youth and adults.  Open
minds and Open Source means that we can learn from each other and to
create for oneself.  In order to make this happen each generation must
posess the right to form, change and adapt the technology.

This cooperation is of mutual benefit and will take place through
traditional Free and Open Source development channels, for example the
debian-edu at lists.debian.org mailinglist.

- LinEx in Spain, Jose Angel Diaz Diaz Chief Manager of Digital Literacy
- PSL-Brasil in Brazil, Paulino Michelazzo 
- Skolelinux in Norway, Knut Yrvin Project manager

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