[Edu-sig] Needing information on Python:

Jeffrey Elkner jeff at elkner.net
Fri Nov 5 15:05:34 CET 2004

I have been a big fan of the LiveWires Python course for several years
now.  My students really enjoy using it, and they are particularly
excited by being able to make PacMan while in a 1st year programming

I just posted a web version of the course materials:


The markup has been changed from LaTeX to lore.

I've only begun testing this with my classes now, but I thought I ought
let other folks have a look at it in case they are interested.


On Fri, Nov 05, 2004 at 03:28:01AM -0500, John Naughton wrote:
> Yes I was wondering if there are any online sites that have free lessons
> on Python, as well as any downloadable software in which I could use to
> educate myself in Python,
> Thankyou,
> Mr. J.C.Naughton

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