[Edu-sig] project funding?

Reuben Grinberg reuben.grinberg at yale.edu
Tue Oct 19 18:17:24 CEST 2004


I was just reading about CP4E and was very impressed - too bad it 
didn't get funded fully. I've got a lot of ideas that coincide with the 
CP4E proposal, although on a slightly smaller scale. Essentially the 
system I have in mind is a combination of the wiki paradigm and 
technology with the HyperCard (which I first programmed in many years 
ago) / PythonCard paradigm.

This would alleviate the problem of installing an IDE on every computer 
because it would be web based. The program would also automatically do 
source control and would allow students to share programs. In addition, 
I remember the Hypercard idea made it really easy for kids to start off 
doing simple things but eventually move on to more complex projects.

I'm most concerned with making my ideas free, easily-accessible, and 
useful to schools. However, I also have to consider supporting myself 
and others who may work on the project.

I'm thinking about trying to start a non-profit based on the idea, but 
I wonder if there are other options such as joining a current group or 
company. I'm a senior at Yale majoring in Computer Science and I'm 
currently applying to PhD programs in CS, but I am seriously 
considering taking a detour for several years for this idea.

Guido van Rossum suggested I take a look at the bounties at the 
Shuttleworth foundation (http://www.markshuttleworth.com/bounty.html), 
but at first glance none of them seemed to fit my idea.

I'd really appreciate any guidance or advice you could lend on the 

Reuben Grinberg
Yale University, Trumbull College '05

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