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> Kirby -
> I have not run a school, as Tom suspects.
> But have spent 25 years in a self-regulating profession, and immersed with
> business and business people.
> I can only refer you again to the short answer of few posts ago.

I liked the medium and long answers better.  More grist for the mill.  

You spelled out what an apparent conflict of interest is, in general terms.

I expounded on that, giving some examples, then said there are ways to be up
front with the arrangements, so people know how you're connected, insofar as
its their business, which it is, insofar as they have a legitimate interest
in not wanting to be deceived against their own best interests.

You agreed, and said yes there are ways to be up front about the
arrangements, but the whole point was that Kay didn't play by these rules.  

So I asked in what way he was in violation.  From my googling of the record,
it appears the relationship with Disney was not kept secret from his

Compared to the shadowy world of think tanks and their secret partners, this
relationship was out in the open and in bright daylight.

So I asked again, what was Kay's offense exactly?
You went back to your short answer.  

I liked the medium and long answers better.

> Since I know you already read it, I know it means nothing to you, however.
> Two possibilities:
> Points that could be made as self-evident ( might not in fact need to be
> made explicitly ) in other forums where I am more the fish in water, than
> out - seem somehow obscure here.
> Too much mercury.
> Art

I guess I'll take option B, as you don't bother to URL me to any more
explicit answers.  I'm just supposed to accept your sage judgments, based on
a 25 year black box with your self-interested labeling of the ingredients
(which include mercury -- bad sign).

You've made some serious allegations, one might even say attempts at
character assassination vis-à-vis Kay.  But when pressed, you fall back on
elliptical remarks and wry wit.  

With me, it really doesn't fly.  

I'm channel surfing on to other frequencies.  Sorry about the brain damage.
I understand it's irreversible.


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