[Edu-sig] Computer Languages via Immersion Experiences

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Tue Oct 26 21:51:31 CEST 2004

> I take it back.
> Anybody who doesn't think Kay is a a schmuck, is a schmuck.
> Happier?
> Art
Yes.  Always feel free to take stuff back.

I have good friends in the SmallTalk community, and by extension interested
in the evolution of Squeak.  

As long as I've made it abundantly clear that I'm not on board with your
thinking, just because we're both part of the Python community, then I think
my need is taken care of.  This archived thread may come in handy down the

Beyond that, I'm somewhat concerned for your sake (I think you sometimes
unnecessarily deprive yourself of what might have been rewarding working
relationships).  But that's another issue.


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