[Edu-sig] Kirby calling Andre

urnerk@qwest.net urnerk at qwest.net
Tue Jun 28 13:53:09 CEST 2005

Hey Andre, I'm feeling disconsolate because I missed your talk yesterday:

I didn't recognize it from the title, was looking for the word RUR-PLE and
when I didn't find it, stupidly came to the conclusion you'd changed your
plans about speaking.  I should have just gone by name (duh).

Now I'm sitting here listening to two gents next to me recount talks they'd
been to.  I heard a fairly detailed recap of your presentation (for 
which I'm grateful -- alerted me to my error), but I'd much rather meet
with you in person and maybe learn more of your approach directly from you.

I don't know what you look like.  I'll be scanning name tags in earnest.

I'm slated to do my talk at 4 PM.  My jet lag is pretty severe (I doubt I
slept at all last night), but I'm sure I can hold it together until at
least 5 PM.  After that, I don't have to stay coherent.


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