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Winston Wolff winstonw at stratolab.com
Wed Mar 2 16:25:32 CET 2005

I think Delphi is a great language, and I would say Python and Delphi 
are similarly easy to teach.  The more important question is how you 
teach programming, not what language.  But some languages put more 
obstacles in your way, like C++'s complicated syntax and memory 


On Feb 28, 2005, at 11:52 AM, Christian Mascher wrote:

> Hi,
> why is it that delphi isn't mentioned very often in this context on 
> this list? At least in german high-schools delphi is the strongest 
> competitor with java (and a share of python and other exotica).
> I know it is not free, but you can download it for private use from 
> borland and it certainly is a very sophisticated visual environment 
> plus a fullblown objectoriented language. It is amazingly easy to use, 
> even if you don't like pascal (I don't). And the compiler is very 
> quick.
> I sure prefer Python, but if I have to choose between Java and 
> Delphi/Kylix I don't know. The delphi-ide takes away much of the 
> stupid syntax-teaching-chore - which tends to be a much smaller 
> problem with Python. With three 3/4-hours a week I actually shouldn't 
> have the time to teach real programming (the syntax stuff), ideas are 
> more important.   Thus my interest for tools which get out of the way.
> Of course the problem with delphi is: can you interest your students 
> for the behind-the-scenes-stuff (for instance: how the GUI works), if 
> the program is already a "finished" GUI right away?
> And: when forced to use Delphi, I miss IDLE and the simple print 
> statement most. For examining algorithms this is simply the best.
> Any one else used/teached with Delphi?
> Christian
> Kirby wrote:
>> Also, on the GUI front, I think a nice compromise, if you're not 
>> wanting to
>> code up inside of Tk (e.g. with John's graphics.py) or wx, is to do 
>> cgi and
>> use the browser as your GUI.
>> Even with a whiz bang GUI, there's still a question: what does your 
>> program
>> *do*? i.e. what's the GUI about?  One needs at least *some* guts 
>> behind the
>> cosmetics.
>> As a FoxPro programmer, I know the appeal of dragging widgets from 
>> palettes
>> the Microsoft way.  Speaking of FoxPro, I'd choose VFP over VB any 
>> day for teaching.
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