[Edu-sig] How to use gtk + in python

gen2n gen2n at seznam.cz
Mon Mar 7 10:31:15 CET 2005

I think your pygtk is not well done.
Check in your site-packages if there is folder gtk-2.0, ¨inside is gtk 
and type
import sys

and in this list you must have path to gtk-2.0 folder. If not, the 
problem is as I said, in your pygtk installation.
Hope it works

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Murtuza Ali napsal(a):

>I m using windows xp, i have installed python 2.4 and also
>pygtk....its working well. Now i need to install gtk so i have
>installed gtk run time environment for win 32. But problem is that i m
>unable to use gtk libraries as i type the command
>import gtk
>it gives error that no module name gtk found
>i think i have not make the refrence of gtk in python...
>can any one help me out
>my Python is installed in c:\Python2.4
>and gtk in c:\GTK
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