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Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sun Mar 13 15:01:28 CET 2005

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> Presently, I think many nice things can be done with pygame and
> perhaps a bit of code wrapping it.

Lee Harr's pygsear not only provides the wrapping, but a curriculum based on

I only wish that pygame was named otherwise - thinking that its general
utility for educational purposes (and otherwise) is significantly broader
that game making, and that the name misdirects folks.

To me the "game" is in getting the computer to respond to one's
instructions, and that directing the end product to be in particular a
"game" in any normal sense of the word is unnecessarily limiting, and - IMO
- not as generally appealing to beginners as seems to be assumed.

I do think that visual and/or sound feedback is a great way to go, and in
that sense, in particular, pygame provides a nice platform. 


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