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> > As you well know, my tendency toward pugilism has not 
> disappeared - just
> > evolved.
> > 
> > For example  --
> > 
> > I have been until now resisting sparring with you as to Fullerian
> > geometry.  There seems to be an obsession with regularity - in 
> the 
> > Euclidian sense. Rigid motions of regular shapes - and in that 
> sense it 
> > always seems to me to represent a pre-modern (non-Kleinian) 
> conception 
> > of geometry.
> Sparring OK by me.


Maybe a book about men of science and athletics.

Niels Bohr, for example, was on the Danish National soccer team.  His brother, a physicist colleague, while overshadowed by Niels in the laboratory - apparently outshown him on the field, being considered the premier soccer player in Denmark at the time.  

All according to my sources - which I hope I can reconstruct if challenged.

Einstein I suspect, on the other hand, is not someone yuo would want batting clean-up.


> There's a filter here:  what's easy enough for Kirby to program?  That
> narrows things drastically.  I focus on the regular stuff because 
> that'swhat's easiest for me to code.
> Fuller's goal, on the other hand, was to come up with a coherent 
> geometriclanguage (a prose form) that'd describe whatever:  trees, 
> stars, dust
> mites...
> The concentric hierarchy stuff I dwell on in my hypertoons is 
> regular/rigid(except the jitterbug plays on joint flexibility) and 
> embeds in a frozen
> lattice of CCP spheres.  Crystallography mostly.  Plus a basic 
> grounding in
> coordinate systems and spatial relationships.  Geometry 101.
> http://www.mathforum.com/kb/plaintext.jspa?messageID=3696497
> Kirby
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