[Edu-sig] Hypertoons! (upgrade available)

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Tue Mar 15 00:23:55 CET 2005

I upgraded my hypertoons module at

I'm down to just two modules, plus VPython of course.  This still has those
couple 2.4 idioms.

Went from 16 scenarios to 29!

I've GOT to find those stereo glasses.


Creates a network of VPython animations connected through key
frames, with a random selection at each frame.  Like a network
of subway tunnels, and a choice of where to go next at each
station (tunnel = scenario, nodelist = options of where to go
next i.e. any scenario starting with current key frame.

The theme of this hypertoon is Buckminster Fuller's concentric
hierarchy of polyhedra, complete with jitterbug transformation
and allusions to the CCP.


Last modified: March 14 2005 29 scenarios, 8 key frames
Fixed bugs in jitterbug by refreshing rbf canonical points
Sped it up, other aesthetic improvements
Added more five-fold shapes place balls growing/shrinking
Removed dependencies on colors.py coords.py

First posted:  March 11 2005 16 scenarios, 6 key frames
Original proof of concept
Background posted to Python/edu-sig

John Zelle gets it in stereo!

Kirby Urner
4D Solutions


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