[Edu-sig] RE: Concentric hierarchy / hypertoon (was pygame etc.)

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sat Mar 19 14:46:20 CET 2005

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> From: Kirby Urner [mailto:urnerk at qwest.net]
> I pick up my tetrahedron (black electrical tape on the edges, good
> contrast), and say "Measuring cup!" (I probably say more).  Then I scoop
> up
> a boat load of beans.  Now it's full.  In my other hand, Cube.  How many
> tetrahedron cups to fill my Cube?  Guesses, kids calling out.  Well, let's
> see... one.... two.... three.  Done.  It's brimming with beans, no room
> for
> more.  Is the ratio exact?  You betcha.

Might they also be interested that in Egypt, long-ago, in the shadow of the
Pyramids, folks not only understood this to be true, but were not content
with this knowledge. A way of thinking was developed that allowed them to
become satisfied that the truth of this observation "makes sense" - that we
should in fact *expect* it to be true.


What seems surprising - given a logical progression of thought - can be
found to be not surprising, really.

What is the lesson to be learned from that? 

To me, it *is* the lesson.


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