[Edu-sig] Re: Best approach to teaching OOP and graphics

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sat Mar 26 02:34:17 CET 2005

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> But there is no real point being made beyond that. If one chooses to
> follow
> the convention - something like VPython provides a quite convenient way
> for
> one to get one's DrawableCircle to actually draw, and without the need to
> prepare anything in the way of a drawing context - which might otherwise
> become the most complex, obscure and least relevant portion of the code.

Actually on a little more thought, it is just the point that Scott already
made.  VPython provides an environment of instantaneous visual feedback.
Visual business can be conducted from the command line.  Change the color
attribute of the object, and the color of the circle instantaneously changes
- not even "no compile cycle", no rerun of code of any kind.  The object
seems in fact like an object - conveys some sense of  tangibility, as an
object should.

And thereby seems to exist in an environment naturally adaptable to  the
teaching task at hand.


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