[Edu-sig] ANN: pre-release of RUR-PLE (version

André Roberge andre.roberge at gmail.com
Mon May 2 22:41:42 CEST 2005

For the curious amongst you, a new version of RUR-PLE is available.


RUR-PLE stands for "Roberge's Used Robot - a Python Learning 
Environment".  It is inspired by Guido van Robot (GvR) also available on 
sourceforge.  For those familiar with GvR, I believe that you will find 
that the current version of RUR-PLE is already more useful in its 
current form as a teaching/learning environment for Python than
the "final" version of GvR.

RUR-PLE requires wxPython. The home page for the project is hopelessly 
out of date with the version released today.

The current version includes 25 lessons, covering in various details, 
the following Python keywords:
def, if, else, elif, not, pass, while, from, import, (as), try, except.
[Note: the lesson using "from" and "import" included does not work with 
this version of RUR-PLE; this will be fixed in version 0.8]

Release 0.8 will include lessons covering mathematical operators, 
strings, list, tuples and dict ... and hopefully more.

The goal for version 1.0 is to be complete enough to be suitable for 
introducing Python to young teenagers in a High School Environment as 
well as containing enough material to be used in a CS1 (and perhaps CS2) 
  University level course.

This is a *preview* release, announced only on this list for now.



P.S.  Any feedback, including criticisms [and suggestions for making it 
more relevant to the humanities ;-) is welcome.]

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