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> When Alan Kay takes the stage from the Disney pulpit as the educator of
> the
> new age, he should be universally be booed off the stage - as a matter of
> principle, principle being a very practical thing.  I don't need to read
> the
> Squeak license to know that.  Others seem to get distracted by that issue.

The point here, BTW, not being that large corporations are evil.  The point
more being that Kay was presenting Big Ideas about education, but was
purposefully developing and presenting them through a delivery mechanism
that was an end run around the kind of peer review, debate, countervailing
evidence, etc. that his ideas would necessarily (one would think at least)
be subject to in an academic setting.  The idea of making an end run around
review, debate and evidence - call me old fashion - doesn't seem to me like
a good idea.


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