[Edu-sig] Python as Application

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Sun Oct 30 23:57:07 CET 2005

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> I notice Google's share price is doing wonderfully of late.  That company
> has some serious capital.

I can't say I understand the business model very well.  But they seem to be
spending their money wisely - on Python expertise ;).  Alex's trip to NY -
according to public information -  was focused on recruiting for Google, as
well as passing on some of his perspective on the Python object model. Worth
mentioning here as it might help educators help their colleagues understand
they are not leading the more practically minded astray in suggesting that
Python has s real place in the curriculum.  Google is clearly becoming a
very major force, and, clearly, Python is part of their strategy. With these
developments at Google, PyPy moving toward realization, Python being
distributed with the Apple operating system, ubuntu becoming a major force
as a Linux distribution - 

short Microsoft, go long on Python.

Python on .Net I happen not to see as anything very significant - despite
being a big fan of Jim Huginin's prior efforts (and suspecting that he is
scary smart).

Not surprised, for example, to find on a quick check that the IronPython
mailing list is pretty quiet.

I can see Python becoming an option on .Net, but would be surprised to see
it become a real good option, except in limited circumstances.  Which is
more a reflection on .Net than on Python.


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