[Edu-sig] Python as Application

Chuck Allison chuck at freshsources.com
Mon Oct 31 20:40:46 CET 2005

Hello Kirby,

Sunday, October 30, 2005, 10:22:58 PM, you wrote:

>> They prepare people tailor-trained for Microsoft and IBM. 

KU> <<SNIP>>

>> It's so important that we don't throw growing minds in to a technical
>> tunnel.

KU> To take a different point of view:  

KU> If a person *wants* a narrow, specialized training, very vocational,
KU> precisely to be attractive to a Microsoft or IBM, and to pay for the
KU> privilege, is it wrong to make that opportunity available, perhaps somewhere
KU> in Utah?  

That's fine, but call a spade a spade. I don't like seeing technical
programs masquerading as bachelor's degrees. We have plenty of
technical colleges people can go to for that sort of thing. It's the
deception I object to.

Best regards,

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