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Mon Apr 3 16:20:56 CEST 2006

That's one way to characterize a difference, sure.  Keep in mind I'm
bucking to be this writer guy in American literature, but not so
specialized that I couldn't hold my own in various math and computer
science contexts.

I studied philo at Princeton and for the longest time fought with
Ivory Tower philosophy types to get recognition for Fuller as a great
20th century philosopher (not mathematician, not geometer).[1]

Only later did I change my tune, to some extent following Applewhite's
lead, and move towards literature, which I've found more congenial in
the long run.  Rorty's arc has been somewhat similar I understand
(Richard Rorty was my thesis adviser back when I was writing about
Wittgenstein's later philo for academic credit (now I just do it for
the money :-D)).

Nor have I entirely abandoned my quest for a revival within the
Philosophy tent -- just modified my approach and strategy, based on
what I've learned from literature (which includes television, e.g.
Joss Whedon's corpus).[2]


[1]  http://www.grunch.net/synergetics/stanford.html
[2]  http://worldgame.blogspot.com/2005/12/more-tv-talk.html

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