[Edu-sig] Properties use case

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 21:45:00 CEST 2006

> I appreciate your communication here very much.
> Thnks,
> Art

Good work, both of you.

I look forward to archived v-lists (video lists).  I don't know how
they'd work exactly, but the bandwidth would be a lot higher.

People who're already on the same page could get by with edu-sig type
communications probably.  But if the going got rough, we'd switch to a
v-list and try to sort it out in a more personal and personable way --
but still archived in such a way others could lurk in on, like here.

Actually, I'm just describing television, aren't I (except the
archiving feature is still immature, unless you're lucky enough to
have easy access).  We should all get on TV somehow, not necessarily
in real time -- like I've got a Google Video up, doing some of my
schtick as a Fuller Schooler:


Career diplomats distrust cyberspace with good reason.  They know
there's no substitute for in-person direct contact sometimes.  But
that's my point:  it's not either/or.  And increasingly, cyberspace is
addressing its bandwidth deficiencies.  Computers and TV are
increasingly becoming two aspects of the same animal.

For the record:  I've met Arthur in person a couple of times, both
times enjoyable. He referred to omelets -- this was in up town
Manhatten, and I have a relevant blog entry from that same time:


I've not met Dethe nor most of the others active on this list.  I'd
love to of course.  Jeff Elkner I've met at Pycon, though we've not
had any in-depth discussions (plus Jeff hasn't posted in I don't know
how long).  Jason Cunliffe has gone off to France I understand (he and
I met in New York City as well, some years ago).  I've seen Laura in
action at OSCON and EuroPython, but any direct discussion has been
mostly by elist and email.

I'm not saying we should all keep careful track of all this who's met
who stuff. I just wanted to acknowledge that it changes/influences the
chemistry of on-line edu-sig communications to some degree.

Limited bandwidth is a reality.

Passionate thinkers are sometimes the most vulnerable to this
"feature" (of limited bandwidth).  They really deserve more air time
(TV time), just so we (the audience) might get a clearer picture of
who we're dealing with and what actually is going on.

How many threads on edu-sig might simply end overnight, were we to
have an edu-sig conference?  How many new ones, perhaps more fruitful
ones, might get started?  Hard to say.  We may get to find out.


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