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Fri Apr 14 20:12:35 CEST 2006

Thank you Kirby for this report/summarise, this is very interesting.  :)

You said:
"Will we eventually have some sort of Python-based hypercard-like browser
plug-in, facilitating easy publishing by students and incorporating what's
already worked well in Squeak? If yes, then so much the better. Peers i.e.
teachers (including the more advanced students) will write lessons around

I think this would be great. I find the Squeak plugin good since and you can
interact with and program "squeaklets" (E-Toys or Squeak) in your browser
and publish your projects on the web.

You said:
"Momentum seems to be building for a stronger graphics engine, either 2D or
3D, with Python bindings, that'll run interactively from within a browser.
The Squeak folks may be willing to contribute to this effort. Guido feels
we'll need to recruit new talent for this, as the Python community is
currently pretty maxed out on projects."

Did Alan Kay talked about opencroquet ? I find their last demo very

On their FAQ they said they will/want to provide Python binding with it
(it's written in Squeak). On their Blogs they say version 1.0 will come-out
"soon" and it will be completely open to gather a community around it.
Obviously will have to see if it's stable enough, quick enough, not to"
heavy" on hardware etc ... but I find the demo (and the concepts behind)
already very impressive.

Concerning a Logo "substitute" I haven't tried rur-ple yet but I will (the
doc seems excellent).

I've tried something called "Scratch" (written in Squeak) which in my
opinion is simpler than E-Toys and yet very powerful notably for Logo types
activity. The first public released of Scratch will happen this summer and I
believe it will be successful:

I find both Python and Squeak communities very interesting in particular for
education and complementary in some fileds (for now I try to use the "best"
of  both world <http://pcsm1.u-strasbg.fr/liberlab/englishversion/images/>.)

I really hope more bridges will happen between the two (or at least learn
from each other).

Interesting times, please keep us updated :)


On 13/04/06, kirby urner <kirby.urner at gmail.com> wrote:
> This meeting is in process now.  I'm taking notes in real time in my blog:
> http://controlroom.blogspot.com/2006/04/shuttleworth-summit-day-one.html
> Kirby
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