[Edu-sig] Visual Programming in Python?

Nelson Castillo nelsoneci at gmail.com
Fri Apr 14 04:05:30 CEST 2006

> A while ago I received an email from Nelson Castillo (sorry Nelson,
> for not having replied sooner) who wrote a [non-Python] program that
> does something similar to what you are describing.  The program can be
> found at http://geocities.com/arhuaco/dfd.html
> I have received a request to include something like what you describe
> within rur-ple (wxPython based, rather than Tkinter).  I have
> postponed looking into it seriously until version 1.0 of rur-ple
> (realistically, not until the end of the summer).  I would be
> interested in such a project - with the time constraint caveat.

It seems people like to use graphical programs a lot. Dfd is
widely used. It's in C++. Unfortunately, the other authors don't
agree about releasing it with a free license :(

I really wish to see some similar program.


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