[Edu-sig] One list or two?

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 18:54:39 CEST 2006

> There was general agreement among the attendees at the education BOF
> meeting at PyCon that a new list was necessary, so although my own
> presence is recent, my assertion was not unsupported. There has also
> been some discussion of dissatisfaction with the breadth of discussion
> here expressed since I have been following the list, notably including
> some strongly worded advice from Guido van Rossum recently.

Guido was upset that we were straying into education philosophy,
understandable given the just-ended Shuttleworth Summit, where such
philosophical questions came up repeatedly.  I am in full agreement
that education philosophy *should* be on the table, but *not* here on
edu-sig, where we'll just bog down in endless citations of an alien
literature (i.e. by writers who know nothing of Python or our work

As to a BOF wanting to start a new list, I don't see a problem,
although it seems unnecessary to cast it as a fork or breakaway from
edu-sig.  Just propose a new group with a mission statement or focus,
other than what's already covered here, why not?

> It happens that in response to this general agreement at PyCon, I set
> up such a list on Google Groups, with myself and Vern Ceder as owners
> and potential moderators, and there has been some traffic moving
> there.
> http://groups.google.com/group/edupython?lnk=oa

Sounds good to me.  Good luck with that.  I'm staying with edu-sig
myself and haven't time for two Python in education groups.


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