[Edu-sig] re-doing GvR in xturtle

Andre Roberge andre.roberge at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 23:09:59 CEST 2006

On 8/13/06, kirby urner <kirby.urner at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm definitely interested André.  Crunchy Frog could become an
> important tool for my Saturday Academy classes and/or Winterhaven
> classes (two venues where I've taught Python to pre-college youth),
> other classes for adults.
> I explored with an earlier version.  I'll see what I can do to get up
> to speed with your latest.  Will there be a way to share interactive
> sessions independently of the Crunchy Frog platform?

I'm not totally sure I understand the question.  Perhaps it is my
non-native English understanding, but I read the question like: "Is it
possible to share Python scripts independently of the Python
platform?... i.e. can I run the scripts that someone gave me if I
don't have Python installed on my computer?..."

Interactive "sessions/tutorials" are simply html pages (with minor
markup added).  Crunchy can be thought of as a specialised web server
(with a built-in Python interpreter, etc.)  What Crunchy does is
"fetch" the html page, process it (to add the interactive elements)
and "serve" it to your browser. "Requests" from the browser are
interpreted by Crunchy (the web server) and fed back into the page.

So, users can exchange interactive tutorials (web pages) to their
heart's delight, but they need to have Crunchy running to make use of
them - otherwise, they will be displayed only as static web pages.

> Adapting existing templates is the easiest way to learn a new form.
The soon-to-be-released-next-version will have quite a few sample
tutorials as well as documentation that includes all kinds of examples
that can be cut-and-pasted.   We're mostly adding the final touches to
a "security module" before we proceed with the next release (hopefully
this week).


> Kirby

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