[Edu-sig] wxPython and COM Query

Chuck Allison chuck at freshsources.com
Sat Mar 4 20:45:47 CET 2006

Hello Andre,

Thanks. I'll get the e-book from manning right now.

Saturday, March 4, 2006, 10:19:12 AM, you wrote:

AR> On 3/4/06, Chuck Allison <chuck at freshsources.com> wrote:
>> Hello All,
>>   I need to get up to speed on wxPython and was wondering if you could
>>   recommend the best resources for the task. Thanks!

AR> Perhaps not as your first step, but I would highly recommend that you
AR> have a look at the wxPython demo. I almost always look at it first
AR> when I want to learn to do something using wxPython. It requires a
AR> separate download.

AR> There's a new book that will be coming out soon which I definitely
AR> intend to buy:
AR> http://www.manning.com/books/rappin
AR> The cost of shipping to Canada is such that I will wait for it to be
AR> available through other channels (Chapter's or Amazon).  However, from
AR> the link above, you can buy an e-book, which has about half the
AR> chapters available (it looks like the whole thing will be available
AR> within a month).  I have heard great things about this book from
AR> wxPython users whose opinion I highly respect.

AR> Another path may be to use Dabo, which includes a wrapper around
AR> wxPython, and is supposed to be easier to learn.  I've heard good
AR> things about it, but never tried it myself.

Best regards,

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