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> >A long time ago, Kirby suggested to me (on this list I 
> >believe - I can't trace the post right now) that perhaps I 
> >should use rur-ple's code itself as an example to use.  

If it is appropriate to talk about our projects and where we are with them
and what is driving are efforts, as I think it surely well should be:

This resonates highly with how I have spent a good deal of my free time the
last month.  Among my follies with PyGeo is trying to bring some life and
reality to the concept that the code is its text - both in terms of tying
together programming and functionality, and in tying together analytic
mathematics with geometry and the sensible world.  

Part of the problem there is of course making one's code worthy.  Not sure I
can ever solve that with full satisfaction - but starting from little
things, I don't think you will be able to find a line in PyGeo anymore - far
from where it was - that is not orthodox in terms of something as simple and
'unessential' as indentation.

In the end, there is no excuse for PyGeo to *be* in Python (better
performance could be achieved elsewhere) if the readability and access to
the code is not part of its intent.  So maybe my thinking hear is some form
of rationalization of the fact that it is.

And where it has led me recently is on a journey connected to automated
documentation, having become enamored by what the Pudge documentation
project is trying to do - essentially auto generating context sensitive
hyperlinks between reStructured text doc strings and nicely colorized html
versions of the source code. But the project is young, doesn't work for me
as I ultimately would like to see it.  That is without me getting hand-on
with it.  So it has led me into the netherworld of the docutils state
machine, the inspect module, Kid XML templating.  It's all hard for me to
keep up with - but that's how I learned to ski, following folks down the
mountain who know what the hell they were doing, and trying to keep up.

Pudge cite:


The end.

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