[Edu-sig] IDLE wish (was Edu-sig Digest, Vol 31, Issue 16)

Dethe Elza delza at livingcode.org
Mon Mar 6 05:53:24 CET 2006

On 3-Mar-06, at 4:57 PM, kirby urner wrote:
> I never ever said I "don't like" turtle.py nor did I suggest deleting
> it from the Standard Library.  Not once.

My apologies, I certainly didn't intend to put words into either  
Kirby or Arthur's mouths.  I was only trying to address the "let's  
move this off list," ostensibly because both Kirby and Arthur had  
made some form of disapproving comments (not anti-turtle!).   
Personally, this kind of discussion is exactly the kind of thing that  
belongs on edu-sig, and it's a breath of fresh air to have so many  
different people posting on a topic (not that I am anti-Kirby or anti- 
Arthur, just pro-diversity).

And pro-turtle.  I wrote my own turtle graphics before noticing there  
was one bundled (and taking a different tact with it, more direct  
manipulation of the turtles).

> And do not confuse my views with Arthur's.  He and I disagree on  
> many issues.

I don't know.  Has anyone ever seen Arthur and Kirby in the same room  



All space and matter, organic or inorganic, has some degree of life  
in it [...] All matter/space has some degree of "self" in it.  If  
either of these claims comes, in future, to be considered true, that  
would radically change our picture of the universe.  --Christopher  

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