[Edu-sig] IDLE wish (was Edu-sig Digest, Vol 31, Issue 16)

Vern Ceder vceder at canterburyschool.org
Mon Mar 6 16:51:32 CET 2006

ajsiegel at optonline.net wrote:
> I can see that my focus on the 2nd stage disrupted the discussion of the first.
> I owe an apology and I offer it.

Completely accepted for my part. It actually clears up why we couldn't 
understand each other - we were discussing different questions. As to 
part 2, I would tend to come down more on the conservative side myself.

> I am not yet a fan of easy install, and I know I am not alone in that.
> And there is nothing at all easy about it at the monent, it requiring an install of the
> installer.
> My point about IDLE not running setup.py is and was exactly to this issue.  I still wish
> I could get some substantive reaction,  I think it important.

I agree, actually. I would say it's just one of IDLE's shortcomings, but 
I've noticed it as well. This lack of ability to run a script with 
parameters makes IDLE much less useful for intermediate programmers as 
well. Add to that IDLE's general quirkiness (esp. on Windows), a few 
stray bugs, and it is definitely not helping the cause.


This time for sure!
    -Bullwinkle J. Moose
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