[Edu-sig] 1 hour introduction to Python

Grégoire Dooms dooms at info.ucl.ac.be
Sat Mar 11 17:57:10 CET 2006

next friday I'll give a one hour hands-on Python introduction to our 
students in second year of Bsc in Computer Science.
The course is part of a "tools class" (other courses in this class are 
about svn, latex and so on).
They already know Java and Oz.

The first objective of the course is to arm them with shell scripting 
tools but I would like to convince them to continue 
learning/using/loving it for other tasks too.

I think I will basically do this (10-15 minutes per item) :
- language syntax
- read/write files, os.listdir and glob.glob
- os.system, os.popen, urllib.urlopen
- online documentation and other resources

Do you have ideas of subjects/features I could show them  ? Or useful 
resources ?
Grégoire Dooms

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