[Edu-sig] 1 hour introduction to Python

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sat Mar 11 19:35:20 CET 2006

Grégoire Dooms wrote:

>next friday I'll give a one hour hands-on Python introduction to our 
>students in second year of Bsc in Computer Science.
>The course is part of a "tools class" (other courses in this class are 
>about svn, latex and so on).
>They already know Java and Oz.
>The first objective of the course is to arm them with shell scripting 
>tools but I would like to convince them to continue 
>learning/using/loving it for other tasks too.
>I think I will basically do this (10-15 minutes per item) :
>- language syntax
>- read/write files, os.listdir and glob.glob
>- os.system, os.popen, urllib.urlopen
>- online documentation and other resources
Just suggest that you include in "documentation" the kind of questions 
one can answer for oneself from the interactive prompt.  I actually find 
it relatively rare to need to go to the formal docs.  dir(..) seems to 
answer a very decent % of the kinds of questions I tend to run into in 
practice - together with a measure of trial and error from the prompt.


>Do you have ideas of subjects/features I could show them  ? Or useful 
>resources ?
>Grégoire Dooms
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