[Edu-sig] From europython -- should we do Python for kids?

Gregor Lingl glingl at aon.at
Thu Mar 23 06:17:42 CET 2006

Laura Creighton schrieb:
> I think doing this would be fun.  Since the CFP hasn't gone out
> yet, we haven't really organised ourselves all that well yet.
> But I think that Introductory Python is a good idea.  I wonder if
> a separate Python-for-the-kids section would be good as well, and
> how many kids we could get to Europython if we offered this?
> What do other people think of this?

I'm considering to attend Europython this year - as it will take place 
in Switzerland, which is not far from Austria ;-) and also after the end 
of the school year in (eastern) Austria.

Moreover I considered to give a short talk about, or presentation of, 
the turtle module I'm currently developing.

Incidentally I've written a book "Python für Kids" (in German), a second 
  edition of which I'm going to prepare this summer.

So you can imagine that  I would definitely be very interested in some 
event like the one you proposed - as well as to further the use of 
Python in education in general.

As far as I know there was an educational track last year at Europython. 
   Will this also be the case this year. What will (or should) be the 
relation to "Python for kids" that track? (part of? replacement?)

** Oh, I just noticed that your posting was a reply to some posting 

In principle I also can imagine to give some beginner course ...

Sorry for ending this posting so abruptly - it's early in the morning 
here and I've to go to work. Will be back in the evening.

Gregor Lingl

> Laura, brainstorming
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> Hello,
> I am interested to register for the europython and would like to come  
> with my son. He is 13 and has started to program with python 2 years  
> ago. He is interested in the game track of course. Are there any  
> other events for "kids", interested in learning python?
> There is a very good book around in German "Python for Kids" for  
> example. 

Danke für die Blumen!

Are you planning to do some beginner courses or courses for
> advanced beginners?
> Sincerely
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