[Edu-sig] From europython -- should we do Python for kids?

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Thu Mar 23 05:12:31 CET 2006

I think doing this would be fun.  Since the CFP hasn't gone out
yet, we haven't really organised ourselves all that well yet.

But I think that Introductory Python is a good idea.  I wonder if
a separate Python-for-the-kids section would be good as well, and
how many kids we could get to Europython if we offered this?

What do other people think of this?

Laura, brainstorming

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I am interested to register for the europython and would like to come  
with my son. He is 13 and has started to program with python 2 years  
ago. He is interested in the game track of course. Are there any  
other events for "kids", interested in learning python?

There is a very good book around in German "Python for Kids" for  
example. Are you planning to do some beginner courses or courses for  
advanced beginners?

Jan Ulrich Hasecke

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