[Edu-sig] From europython -- should we do Python for kids?

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 17:54:26 CET 2006

My initial take is it's a good idea to do actual Python trainings at various
levels, especially for participants feeling somewhat peripheral to the main
conference tracks, owing to a language barrier of some kind.  The pre OSCON
workshops (before the actual start of the conference) accomplish a similar
purpose, in tandem with sprints, which are more for experts taking advantage
of a (sometimes rare) opportunity to collaborate with peers in meatspace.

I don't think the main tracks can be given over to trainings simply for lack
of time and generality.  A EuroPython should generally assume a high level
of Python literacy as a given, and not devote its core schedule to ensuring
basic language proficiency.  That's simply because such conferences are all
too short and expensive, and what participants need is usually higher
level.  In the education realm, that would translate to seminars about
pedagogy (what works, what doesn't), and about content (this is how we use
Python to teach math, geography, physics or whatever).

I'd think a prime topic for discussion might be Education Distros, i.e.
pre-package Pythons that contain not only add-ons we might need, but plenty
of actual curriculum (branded), say in the form of HTML, MPEG, JPEG and so
on.  DVDs another option.

Speaking of video, has anyone but me watched the Python-with-Tk trainings on
video.google.com.  I like the laid back, low pressure style.

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