[Edu-sig] From europython -- should we do Python for kids?

Jan Ulrich Hasecke jan.ulrich at hasecke.com
Thu Mar 23 08:53:50 CET 2006


I subscribed to follow the discussions here for some time.

It was me, who asked for informations about python for kids events at  
the europython.

Am 23.03.2006 um 07:05 schrieb Laura Creighton:

> So I want to open this up for discussion.  What do we want to
> accomplish and how?

I can not do much but to show our situation.

I am not a developer, but I am engaged in the german speaking zope  
user group and this is my link to python.

So I am not able to really help my son when he runs into problems. We  
live in a medium town, but up to now he does not find other kids  
using python or blender in our town. I imagine that there are some  
kids around who are a little isolated, because they are the only ones  
in there town using python. Side effect of this is, that he has to  
use material from the web, which is mostly in English. Thats ok, it  
will improve his language skills. ;-)

So maybe it is only my problem not being a developer, and there won't  
be many participants coming with their kids to the europython.

He would like an advanced beginner course, because after working with  
the book of Gregor Lingl he is in the middle of "Objektorientierte  
Programmierung mit Python" a standard learning book in German. And he  
started to use soya together with blender. So tips and tricks using  
blender and soya would be very appreciated. ;-)

Generally: If there will be some events for kids, this should be  
promoted specially, because not many participants will expect this.  
But maybe more than expected will come with their kids or even  
families (Geneva is nice enough!) if they knew that their kids could  
learn something and  won't just hang around.


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