[Edu-sig] The fate of raw_input() in Python 3000

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Sun Sep 10 01:57:31 CEST 2006

On 9/9/06, Arthur <ajsiegel at optonline.net> wrote:

> But for someone trying to maintain some hope it might end up otherwise,
> it does seem a pity I am not shaped like a regular tetrahedron, or
> willing to  do battle under the CP4E flag,  Kirby interpretation.
> Close, but no cigar.
> Art

We don't want to be lock step, that's just scare everybody.  Better
that Kirby and Arthur stay at loggerheads (about what is sometimes

My model is I come to Python from my Fuller School (with all those
tetrahedrons you don't need to care about) and shop for stuff I can
use.  I go home with a car load, very happy with my purchases, and
ready to fly a CP4E banner over my Castle Keep (octahedrons also).

My knights (mostly female) fan out across the land, recruiting.  They
flash a Python insignia now and then, but other logos too.  Red Bull.
Maybe Pixar?

You, Arthur of Pygeo, go shopping too, and like what you've found.
VPython is getting stronger (doesn't wipe out the old IDLE any more
does it?), Pygeo is getting stronger, and you feel emboldened to take
on the Big Boys of various description, @ MIT of wherever.

Sounds familiar, i.e. we over in our castle recognize that you feel
boosted, like you got a shot in the arm from our Shared Snake.  Good
for you, good for us.

Now, turns out you maybe don't want to fly the CP4E banner, or
champion tetrahedra the way I do, how should that matter?  Even if you
fly CP4E, you don't want that confused with Buckydom's Castle.  Hey,
people are smart, know brand X from brand Y (all that market research
is good for *something* anyway).

People know Sears isn't Wal*Mart, Ford isn't Chevy.  Yes, with the oil
companies it's harder to tell.  They all look alike somehow -- but I'm
sure they see differences in Texas, where they care.

The Fuller School is like this game engine, but now with Python
bindings (4D/4D++).

Wanna play with the buckaneers?  Visit Kirby why not, or check in with
SNEC.  Wanna play against MIT, maybe team with Klein well then, Arthur
of Pygeo is likely your man.

For hexapents, I recommend Adrian of Packinon.

There're any number of schools that might find Python fortifying, a
positive ingredient.

I'm not upset if you're not on board with the Bucky stuff.  That's not
how you choose to paint your castle.  No one said you had to.  You've
got other fish to fry.

Quite frankly, I expect to recruit *very few* buckaneers to my school
by saying such horrifying things as I dare say to those here
assembled.  I am *not* preaching to some choir on edu-sig, quite

Brad is grossed out and disgusted, others think I'm just being
ridiculous.  That's all just fine fine, just peachy.  I'm not running
for political office or win any popularity contest.  I'm just being
direct about what I see as a positive direction.  I want at least to
be clear -- much better than diplomatic, at the cost of unclear.

Back in my castle, Igor and I are putting the finishing touches on our
Monster Curriculum (the way our detractors paint us).

>From my perspective, our Silicon Forest needs a dynamite curriculum
with teeth, so our kids have a decent shot at the promising lifestyles
our economy offers, and/or may offer down the road.

Your economy is different?  Why should that be a problem?

And if the USG chooses to syndicate some of our ideas through the
public school system, why should that be any more evil than how TI
*already* permeates the culture, likewise through public schools?

Better Oregon than Texas.

Another slogan:  YOU be the glue.

(refers to how we see you at the shell prompt -- it's *your* job to
keep it together, not some "script").


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