[Edu-sig] The fate of raw_input() in Python 3000

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sun Sep 10 03:11:28 CEST 2006

kirby urner wrote:

> Quite frankly, I expect to recruit *very few* buckaneers to my school
> by saying such horrifying things as I dare say to those here
> assembled.  I am *not* preaching to some choir on edu-sig, quite
> obviously.
Yuo can choose to be horrifying. 

I do, at times, as we all know.

I resent when you are horrifying in the name of:

 >import math
 >math.cos( 90 * math.degrees)

It doesn't belong to you, it doesn't belong to Fuller, it ain't "gnu 
math" because there ain't no such thing. Except to you and six guys in 
some Mecca called Portland.

You choose to remain at the margins, and martyred as being at being 
marginalized. It's a game that ain't so funny any more.

You are in the process helping marginalize some very sound ideas - not 
just of your own, that is your business and your psyche - but of others. 

This is an announcement.

 >import math
 >math.cos( 90 * math.degrees)

has less than nothing to do with Kirby Urner.  He couldn't make it 
happen if his life depended upon it. 


> Brad is grossed out and disgusted, others think I'm just being
> ridiculous.  That's all just fine fine, just peachy.  I'm not running
> for political office or win any popularity contest.  I'm just being
> direct about what I see as a positive direction.  I want at least to
> be clear -- much better than diplomatic, at the cost of unclear.
> Back in my castle, Igor and I are putting the finishing touches on our
> Monster Curriculum (the way our detractors paint us).
>> From my perspective, our Silicon Forest needs a dynamite curriculum
> with teeth, so our kids have a decent shot at the promising lifestyles
> our economy offers, and/or may offer down the road.
> Your economy is different?  Why should that be a problem?
> And if the USG chooses to syndicate some of our ideas through the
> public school system, why should that be any more evil than how TI
> *already* permeates the culture, likewise through public schools?
> Better Oregon than Texas.
> Another slogan:  YOU be the glue.
> (refers to how we see you at the shell prompt -- it's *your* job to
> keep it together, not some "script").
> Kirby

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